BROOKS ENGLAND Challenge 1.5L 座位尾袋 皮革马鞍包

SOLD OUT BROOKS ENGLAND Challenge 1.5L 座位尾袋 皮革马鞍包
型 號︰ BROOKS ENGLAND Challenge 1.5L Leather Saddle Bag
庫存狀態︰ SOLD OUT
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- Exceptional craftsmanship
- Unique premium details
- Greater stability
- Made in Italy

0,5 L: W 175 x D 45 x H 78 mm
1,2 L: W 210 x D 70 x H 110 mm

0,5 L: 140 g
1,2 L: 210 g

Vegetable tanned leather

Cycling in the city
Cycle Commuting in the city
Casual Touring

Vegetable tanned leather details

The Challenge Saddle Bag is a leather tool bag for fitment to the rear of a saddle bearing bag loops. It features buckles that, whilst fastening the bag to the saddle, are located within the hold itself, thus ensuring greater levels of security. The strap that secures the unit encircles the tools it carries to prevent them from rattling during transit. Made in England from vegetable tanned leather, the first Challenge was designed and patented in 1896.